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Golden Pearl Whitening Soft Mask Powder 30 GM
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Golden Pearl Whitening Soft Mask Powder 30 GM

Golden Pearl is a famous local skin care brand manufactured by Golden Pearl Cosmetics. Overall the brand is gaining a lot success with its more products lined up like facials, scrubs, whitening soaps and anti-wrinkle formulas.

It is enriched with deep sea algae extract which is the most powerful natural skin moisturizer. The mask moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It improves metabolism and slows the aging process in cells due to the high content of vitamin C in algae. The mask regulates synthesis of collagen and elastin, elimintates stress after-effects, protects skin from external influence and makes it healthier.

It is most effective for dy, aging and dehydrated skin.

With deep sea algae extract
Whitening, moisturizing, firming, purifying
Usage: Take 30 gm powder in a bowl to mix with 90ml water and stir quickly to get a paste for 1-2 minutes. Apply the paste with a brush well against the pores direction to the face within 5 minutes. Let the paste become hard and leaves it on face around 20-25 minutes. Remove it by peeling and rinse off with clean water.