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Hemani Argan Hair Removal Cream 100 ML
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Hemani Argan Hair Removal Cream 100 ML

It permits a professional care for the persons looking for a fast, reliable and practical solution. The product with its mild structure permits you to get rid of the unwanted hair. It does not irritate the skin. As it humidifies the skin, it helps the skin to be soft and smooth.
  • Pain-free.
  • Softer and smoother skin.
  • helps you to get rid of unwanted hair.
  • moisturize it for a smoother look.
  • you will have softer skin without the cuts and irritation.
Predictions: It is intended for external use. Avoid contact with the eyes. In case of contact,wash your eyes thoroughly with water. Do use int the area that have shown unfavorable reaction against the depilatories in the past or upon stains, wounds, varicose, spilomas, a skin which was cracked, irritated, burned under the sun, a skin which was shaved within the last 72 hours. If you feel tingling / pricking when use it, immediately clean the cream and rinse it thoroughly with water. If this sensation continues, consult a doctor. We recommend you to wait for 24 hours before taking a sun bath,use of a perfumed product, a transpiration inhibitor after having iJsed It 72 hours must absolutely elapse between two applications. Do not use it on the genital area. Keep it in a place out of the range of children's.

Directions: Apply the cream using a spatula over clean and dry skini and spread evenly. Leave the cream for 5 minutes and then remove using spatula and wash afterwards.

Country of Origin: Turkey

Product Weight: 100 Grams