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Himalaya Herbals Intensive Moisturizing Cream
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Himalaya Herbals Intensive Moisturizing Cream

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Himalaya Herbals offer 100% natural and safe products. The great science of Ayurveda, these products sell worldwide as personal care favorite. Completely genuine Himalaya Herbal products also get huge positive consumer reviews. Himalaya Herbals are priced moderately while the extensive product range includes shampoos, cleansers, sunscreen lotion, slimming products, creams, masks and oils.

Action: Effective natural moisturizers Prunus amygdalus (Almond Oil) and (Jojoba Oil) moisturize even the extremely dry areas of your skin. Trticum sativum (Wheatgerm), arich natural source of Vitamin E, provides nourishment to keep your skin soft & supple and protects it from environmental damage.
  • With natural vitamin E
  • 100% herbal actives