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Karaja Brush Foam Applicator Changeable No 9
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Karaja Brush Foam Applicator Changeable No 9

Rs.1,215 Rs.1,350
  • Vendor: Karaja
  • Product Type: Makeup Applicator
  • Barcode: 8032539244923
  • The brush helps to soften and shade the lines, thanks to which you will get a smoky eye effect.
  • This works well when applying eye shadows throughout the eyelid and in illuminating the inner corner of the eye.
  • Ideal for applying both compact and crumbly shadows.
  • A stylish sponge brush with a comfortable handle of optimal length is equipped with six interchangeable dome shaped nozzles.
  • The brush applicator will help in a few minutes to create flawless eye makeup, achieving a thin, uniform coating.
  • To put shadows and to shade, mix various shades.