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Saeed Ghani Amla Oil 100 ML
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Saeed Ghani Amla Oil 100 ML

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To help you nourish your hair without any artificial chemicals, Saeed Ghani brings its completely natural Amla Hair Oil solution for you.

To provide the first line of action against hair fall, our organic Amla Oil provides oxygen to your hair follicles and nourishes them. Rich in vitamin C, Amla Oil can help prevent bacterial buildup and moisturizes your hair. This then prevents dandruff in your hair while it preserves your natural hair color for longer.

Saeed Ghani Amla Pil is available in size of 100 ml and brings you the following benefit:

• Promotes hair growth by nourishing your scalp.
• Prevents greying of hair and adds shine to your natural hair color.
• Fights off dandruff and prevents hair fall.