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Saeed Ghani Rose Oil-Free Daily Moisturizing Gel
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Saeed Ghani Rose Oil-Free Daily Moisturizing Gel

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This moisturizing gel, made with rose extract, instantly calms and soothes sensitive, stressed-out skin and keeps it moisturized, revealing a glowing & hydrated skin. The lightweight texture absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave skin greasy or sticky.

Saeed Ghani rose face & body gel, helps fight acne, gives the skin a powerful moisture boost and nourishes it deeply for a naturally beautiful & glowing skin.

Its exfoliating qualities deep cleans the skin and locks in moisture for a smoother, softer & healthier skin.

What's more is that it also protects your skin from the harmful UV rays, resulting in a silky smooth & brighter skin.

Saeed Ghani rose and body gel is available in 180gm and carries the following benefits for your skin:

• Freshens and brightens skin texture.
• Fights skin impurities and improves skin complexion.
• Rich antioxidants keep your skin younger.