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The Vitamin Company Ultra Force (Energy Booster) 20 Softgels
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The Vitamin Company Ultra Force (Energy Booster) 20 Softgels


Combining Royal Jelly (food of queen of honey bee’s) with other nature’s gold nutrients produces a unique energy booster. It is an ideal solution to physical and mental exhaustion. It increases physical strength , vitality and builds body tissues and muscles. It cures anxiety, nervousness and acts as an anti aging supplement and restores smooth and youthful skin in men and women. Yohimbe and Zinc are essential supplements for men’s health and increases stamina and vigour.

Mega Energy booster
Maximum potency-fast acting
All natural
Made in USA
Precautions: Severe heart, kidney and liver patients should consult their physician before use.

Proprietary Herbal Blend Of Ultra Force: Containing Wheat Germ Oil, Food of Queen Honey Bee, Natural Panax Ginseng, Bee Pollen, Yohimbe Extract, Zinc with Vitamin B & E powder

Tremendous Benefits Of Ultra Force

Following Are The Benefits Of Ultra Force:

Energy stamina and memory enhancer
Combats physical and mental stress
Prevents pre-mature aging due to free radicals
Protects nervous system from diabetic attacks
Corrects deficient and unbalanced nutrition
Accelerates recovery from chronic illnesses.
Rebuilds energy reserves
Reduces anxiety and depression
Uplifts mood and mental sharpness
Builds body tissues and muscles
Enhances sexual vigor and performance tremendously
Strengthens overall health
Immune responsiveness
Sexual drive and maintains fertility
Improves quality of skin, hair and nails
Maintains sense of taste and smell
Heals ulcer and wounds
Preserves vision
Boosts energy and endurance
Reduces stress effects
Anti-oxidant and Anti-aging effects
Lowers cholesterol levels
Up-grades immune system
Improves complexion of skin
Aids in muscular dystrophies and neuro muscular disorder

Healing And Rejuvenation Properties Of Ultra Force

Ultra Force is effective for:

Tiredness and overwork, asthenia, anxiety states, insomnia and anorexia
Bronchial asthma
Liver diseases (hepatitis)
General exhaustion diseases
Arthritis, gout, atherosclerosis
Kidney diseases
Stomach ulcers
Ovarian insufficiency
Reversing the aging process
Stimulating and regenerating the nervous system
Accelerating the healing and consolidation of fractured bones
Skin disorders
Promotes sexual rejuvenation

Supplement Facts

Royal Jelly 1000 mg
Korean Ginseng 250 mg
Bee Pollen 150 mg
Yohimbe 200 mg
Zinc as Gluconate 7.5 mg
Wheat Germ Oil 100 mg
Vit B12 25 mcg
Vit E 30 I.U

Directions: Take one or two softgels daily as needed or as directed by the Nutritionist.

Manufactured By: The Vitamin Company

Country of Origin: Product of USA

Quantity: 20 softgels

Storage Instruction: Keep in cool and dry place & out of reach of children.

Package: Bottle