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Butterfly Pads Thick Large 10
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Butterfly Pads Thick Large 10

  • Vendor: Butterfly
  • Product Type: Sanitary Napkins
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Butterfly is a famous famine care brand. The entire drive of this brand is to give top quality famine care products. Its special quality product is Butterfly Pads Thick Large which is a very safe formula. The Thick napkin with high absorb gel is individually wrapped that gives 30% more absorbent with an improved quality the brand has also press-on napkins as well.

Special Protection Features: high absorb gel: Locks 30 extra liquid than

Extra Long: 290 mm lenght gives maximum coverage to protect (delicate) underwear from staining.

Extre Wide: Wider base keeps napkin fixed in place and stops side leakage

Channel Design: Special channels push fluid flow to center to control side leakage and quickly absorb liquid

Per-Fit Wings: To keep napkin in place and allow complete freedom of movement

Dry-Fresh Top Sheet: Heavy flow is broken down fast while the material next to your skin stays dry

Extra Thick: Added layers to increase absorbancy in heavy flow nights and days

  • Thick napkin with high absorb gel
  • Individually wrapped
  • 30% more absorbent
  • Improved quality

    Press-on napkins

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Size: 10 Large

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place.

Package: Packet