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Hollywood Style Thick & Long Hair Serum 100 ML
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Hollywood Style Thick & Long Hair Serum 100 ML

Hollywood Style is an American brand manufactured by Herbal Hollywood Style.

Usage: A highly potent hair serum exclusively formulated to boost growth of fine, thin and slow growing hair. It is made with natural avocado protein, wheat germ oil and keratin that act as hair food and instantly help strengthen fine, limp hair and proomote much healthier scalp with regular use your hair with become thicker, longer and sexier.

Advice For Healthy Hair: After shampooing use a conditioner that suits your hair type. Hair is very fragile when wet. Avoid hard rubbing and squeezing when towel drying and only use a wide made for combing wet hair or wait until hair is dry thoroughly remove tangles. Apply serum to towel dried hair. Use serum after all chemical treatments involving oil, colors, relaxers, straighteners, perms, etc. These chemicals are harsh and can do major damage to hair so be sure they are rinsed comletely after these procedures. The serum will normal ph, relax hair, hydrate it, and reverse much of the harm may have caused. Always be very careful when hair dryers, curling/straightening ironsso as not to overheart burn hair, which can leave it brittle, dried out and damaged.

Directions: Use daily, morning and night. Spread in palm, apply and deep massage in hair nad scalp until it absorbs. Do not rinse and style your hair as you desire. Good for men and women of all ages. For best results wash hair frequently with one of our gentle shampoos that suits your hair.
  • Made with avocado protein wheat & keratin extracts
  • Boosts hair growth, thickness & length
  • Professional formula
  • Cream base formula
  • For men & women
  • With calcium