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StayTeen Sun Block SPF 70+ 175 ML
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StayTeen Sun Block SPF 70+ 175 ML

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  • Product Type: Sunblock
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  • Stayteen Sun Block SPF 70+ is mild, fresh and not greasy, a good choice for sun blockers in summer. Smooth texture and lightweight is easy to do makeup and does not clog pores. It can effectively prevent UVA and UVB from protecting the skin from sun damage, and it can also moisturize the skin. Waterproof and sweat proof makes the sunscreen last longer.
  • 1. Effectively counteracts the wide UV spectrum and blocks UVA/UVB rays. 2. Sun protection SPF70+ can block strong sunlight, UV light to prevent getting dark and sunburn. 3. Have a great effect of bleaching and covering the skin.
  • 4. The waterproof and moisture-resistant formula allows sunscreen to stay on the skin for a long time. 5. Mild, fresh, non-greasy, light, smooth texture, easy to apply. 6. Have a moisturizing effect that makes the skin smooth and smooth.
  • Functions: Protect the skin from damage caused by sun, UV radiation, whitening and moisturizing skin.
  • Apply proper amount of the sun block, evenly to the face before going outside and gently massage until complete absorption.