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Zandu Balm 8ML
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Zandu Balm 8ML

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A pain relieving rub that contains time-tested, active herbal ingredients. A gentle application of Zandu balm to the affected area brings the desired relief. Zandu Balm contains natural potent pain relievers for minor aches and pains from sprains, strains, backaches, arthritis, bruises and sports exertion.

Oil of Gaultheria (Wintergreen) is widely used in medicine as external application for rheumatic disorders. It is the natural source of methyl salicylate which is a very effective analgesic for musculoskeletal disorders. Remedy for Headache, Body Pain & Cold

Usage: Apply on affected parts and gently massage.

Composition : Menthol:16%, Oil of Gaultheria: 10%.


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