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Dermacos Oily Acne Skin Facial Kit
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Dermacos Oily Acne Skin Facial Kit

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  • Product Type: Facial Kit
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Dermacos Oily Acne Skin Facial Kit Include:

  • 1 x Dermacos Dermapure Clarifying Facial Wash
  • 1 x Dermacos Dermapure Multipurpose Grey Lotion
  • 1 x Dermacos Detoxifying Hexagonal Cleanser
  • 1 x Dermacos Energizing Smoothing Toner
  • 3 x Dermacos Dermafluid Botanical AC - Anti Acne Serum
  • 1 x Dermacos Dermapure Microdermabrasion Guava Glow Scrub
  • 3 x Dermacos Dermapure Botanical Aloe Vera Extracts
  • 1 x Dermacos Dermapure Resurfacing Peeling Cream
  • 1 x Dermacos Dermapure Multipurpose Grey Cream
  • 1 x Dermacos Dermapure Tightening Hydroxy Clay
  • 1 x Dermacos Dermapure Eliminating Astringent

Dermacos Dermapure Clarifying Facial Wash:

Unique Features & Benefits:
Thorough deep down pore cleansing
Doesn't over dry the skin
Restores natural pH balance and firmness
Helps in reducing dark spots and discoloration
prevents spreading of acne growth

Dermacos Dermapure Multipurpose Grey Lotion: A rich multipurpose grey lotion that can be used by everyone on any part of the body for any purpose.

Dermacos Detoxifying Hexagonal Cleanser: A thick cleansing balm for all type of skin, uniquely different as its foaming action softens, cleanses and balances the skin without dryness, it penetrate deep into the skin for deep pore cleansing effects. Triclosan is added to assist in retarding the spread of acne-causing bacteria and infection on the surface of the skin.

Dermacos Energizing Smoothing Toner: This is more than a toner with its therapeutic AHA and BHA. Containing ingredients will exfoliate, degrease, decongest and lighten to give skin a more even tone and smoother feel. This highly nutritive toner provides excellent soothing, nourishing, and cooling effects. With deep skin penetration enhancers it drops in deep pore to prevent skn moisture loss. Just as diet rich in nourishing berries helps maintain flawlessly smooth skin. This alcoholfree formula returns the complexion to its ideal pH, priming skin for nourishment and hydration.

Dermacos Dermafluid Botanical AC - Anti Acne Serum: A global treatment for oily and acne porn skin, all new invention AC (All Clear) anti acne serum fights break-out by reducing hyperseborrhoea, hyperkeratosis, inflammation and bacterial proliferation. Oleanolic acid inhabits 5-α reductase to fight hyperseborrhoea. NDGA is a cell growth regulator that inhabits hyperkeratosis and inflammation. The osmotic fluid helps to control bacterial growth. Daily applications for 4 weeks produce visible decrease of acne pimples colonization on peri-nasal and cheek zones. Results pityrosporum ovale inactivation 100% and also bacterial inactivation 100%.

Dermacos Dermapure Microdermabrasion Guava Glow Scrub: Nourishing, natural guava scrub mildly exfoliates skin and activates cell turnover, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It provides antioxidants and brighteners and leaves skin clean, smooth and energized. The new "Microdermabrasion" system remove dead cells and dribs from face without itching and pain like ordinary scrubs and help skin to regenerates new cells also vitalize the skin without dryness.

Dermacos Dermapure Botanical Aloe Vera Extracts: The aloe vera plants recommended for its healing powers and are most widely touted for being able to treat skin conditions. The therapeutic properties of aloe vera are include anti-inflammatory properties, tiching, cuts, psoriasis, hingles, burns, antiviral agent are said to benefit from topically applying the natural extract to the affected areas.

Dermacos Dermapure Resurfacing Peeling Cream: This cream facilitates exfoliation of the skin, allowing healthy skin call regeneration. The peeling effect of this cream works from the external layers of the skin, making it safe to use and prescribe. It should always be accompanied by the use and prescribe, it should always be accompanied by the use of a daily sun block. This cleanser is especially appropriate for use prior to laser/resurfacing treatments.

Dermacos Dermapure Multipurpose Grey Cream: Dermacos Dermapure Multipurpose Grey Cream is a rich top-class blend for multipurpose. Use on any part of the body and get a smooth glowing shiny feeing. Enriched with grey cream that is an amino acid vitamin complex that helps you get a pure white complexion while repair and maintain skin at the same time.

Dermacos Dermapure Tightening Hydroxy Clay: This rejuvenating Hydroxy Clay works to absorb excess oil, it also helps nourish and hydrate the surface of skin for a smoother, lighter complexion. Natural Soft Mineral Clays of kaolin and bentonite detoxifiy, filter and lift impurities from deep within pores. High concentrations of minerals make these pure clays highly absorbent. Diminshes excess oil and aids in controlling blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes.

Dermacos Dermapure Eliminating Astringent: Blackhead eliminating astringent is formulated with salicylic acid and glycolic acid to dissolve stubborn blackheads and blackages. Aloe, botanicals and natural oils are added to ensure skin remains moisturized and comfortable. By the deep clean action it is penetrating, refreshing, oil-free astringent that works two ways to deep clean and control oil for the deepest feeling clean.

Manufactured By: M.S. Dermacos Laboratories International

Country of Origin: Product of UK

Product Weight: 1804 Grams (1.80 KG)

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place.